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The Coolest Things On Amazon For College Students

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Back in ‘the day’ as they say, my parents dropped me off at college with clothes, school supplies, hangars, and milk crates. Seriously, that was about it. The most technologically advanced thing I had was probably a calculator – certainly no computer or printer. Now, if you’re like me, the things that you drove your freshman to school with hardly fit in the minivan even with most of the seats out. I saw plenty of parents pulling U-hall trailer behind them. Do they need everything we send? Sending your kid to college without a laptop or cell phone now would be unheard of and maybe some of the items below will soon become the norm as well. Below, you’ll see some of the cooler things I’ve found on Amazon. As you scroll through you’ll either be wondering how you ever lived without these things or why any one would need them in the first place?

Kmesoyi Smartphone UV Sanitizer

Admittedly, I came across this one and bought it. Not just one, but one to send to my daughter and one for the rest of us to use at home. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a cell phone sanitizer. Why might someone need this? According to an article from USA Today,

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine found fecal matter on one out of every six smartphones in a 2011 study. Add to that the work of Charles Gerba, a famed University of Arizona microbiologist who found cell phones carry 10 times the bacteria of most toilet seats.

As an admitted germaphobe, I was horrified to hear what might be lurking on my cell phone. It makes complete sense though. It’s in our hands all day. We put it down on surfaces everywhere we go. I’m officially grossed out.

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

This things is totally cool. I want to try to explain to you what it does but I’m sure I won’t do it justice. Does anyone really need this? There are lots of devices and gadgets I wonder that about yet my children can’t seem to live without them. Maybe this is one of those innovations that will be in every student’s backpack in a matter of years. Watch the video to see what this amazing notebook does.

nonda AIKO Rechargeable Finder, Key Finder, Phone Finder, Wallet Finder, Anything Finder

Does your college student constantly lose things? If you answered yes, this may be something you’ll want to stop and order right away. nonda AIKO Finder is a rechargeable and environment-friendly bluetooth key finder, wallet finder and phone finder. Attach it to anything you’d like to track and find it any time with AIKO app. I’m in several parent forums for college students and lost wallets, phones, and keys seem to a constant post. Admittedly, I lose my cell phone within my home at least once an hour.

iCozy Portable Cushion Lap Desk With Storage

The iCozy lap desk makes working so much more convenient and comfortable than a backpack. Slide the top off to reveal the three compartments that will hold all the office supplies you’ll need for a day’s work. The carrying handle makes it as easy to transport your stuff as a briefcase, and with its bean bag cushion that customizes its fit to you, it’s a lot more comfortable to work on! It’s available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. I’m not sure it’s something that students would take to class but I can definitely see it used in bed where my kids seem to do the majority of their school work. My daughter’s desk seems more an area for collecting everything she brings into her room.

lenvod Phone Lenses

I ordered these lenses for myself. They haven’t arrived yet so I can’t give testimony on using them, but it’s rated 4.5 stars by almost 300 people on Amazon. I don’t have one of those fancy cameras with multiple lenses. The only camera I have is my iphone 7 and it takes great pictures of subjects within a reasonable distance not things more than 25-30 feet away. My second child is graduating high school in May and I bought it specifically for this use. I wasn’t able to get very good shots of her sister receiving her diploma when she graduated because it was just too far. My fingers are crossed that these will do the trick! I like that they’re small enough to throw in my purse and seem to require no technical proficiency to set them up.

SereneLife Portable Instant Mobile Photo Printer

My daughter received one of these from her boyfriend’s parents as a gift and she seems to love it. Now, instead of pictures just staying on her phone, she prints them and puts them up in her room. She says it’s easy to operate and the pictures are good quality. 

Homesick Candle Collection

I came across these and thought they were so clever! The start-up company makes candles for every state and other common environments (summer camp, grandma’s kitchen, books, etc) that are supposed to bring smells that mimic the area they’re named for. From the manufacturer, “Bring home to you, no matter where you are. Using input from locals in various states, we crafted scents that embody those places and bring us back home. Homesick’s hand-poured candles began as a hobby in our kitchen, and to this day we still create each unique candle by hand, one by one. States, Cities, Countries and Memories. Whether it’s the seabreezes of Southern California, the distinctive scents of spring days in Central Park in NYC or the vibrance of the energy that pulses through Brasil we have you covered.”

Zen Factory Sand Beach Garden

I found this to be very cute. Someone bought my husband a similar one and it sits on his desk at work. His office visitors can’t help themselves from playing with it. It’s great for relaxation and a short distraction from the stresses of college.

Whiteboard Dry Erase Jumbo Monthly Calendar 3’X4′

This is another item my daughter has. She likes to be able to see her month’s assignments and tests all in one shot. It helps her plan when she needs to start assignments and study and it’s in her view anytime she’s in her room. I’m happy it works for her. I’m similar in liking a full month view but I use a desk calendar.

Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes

These sticky notes are a convenient way to organize sections of a notebook. Index, comment, and color code, these sticky notes do it all. Divider Notes allow you to reference a page while leaving a note. You can also remove and reposition the note with ease. The special binding allows you to flip to the color you need.

PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask

Sharing a dorm room can be a tough adjustment. Dealing with someone else’s schedule and comings and goings isn’t easy. With this sleep mask and accompanying ear plugs your student can block out light and sound when they are trying to get their much needed rest. Advanced 3D Technology to fit all sizes. Its extra large eye cavities ensure that mask will never feel cramped; instead spacious and cozy. 

Chill (Stress Reducer and Relaxation) Essential Oil Roll On

When you just need to UNWIND and RELAX, CHILL by Aromine is the perfect blend to help take the edge off. Within minutes of applying a small amount to the bottoms of your feet, temples or back of your neck you can feel the STRESS and WORRIES wash away. Also, the inviting scent will encourage you to apply CHILL throughout the day. Available in many other formulas including sleep, focus, headache relief, and more. 100% ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS.

originAIM iPhone Adapter Dual Lightning Adapter Headphone Audio and Charge Adapter

If you have an iphone and don’t have one of these, you need to get it. I resent that Apple made the phone in a way where you can’t charge and listen to music at the same time. This a necessity if you want to do both simultaneously. It’s a relatively easy and inexpensive fix to solve the problem.

VuPoint Solutions ST415 Handheld Magic Wand Portable Scanner

Missed a lecture or a study group? Found something in a reference book that you’d like to add to your notes? This item is the answer. This portable, handheld scanner is small enough to fit in a backpack. Easily scan a friend’s notes or a page in a book and import it into your own documents.“Less than a foot long, the Magic Wand Portable Scanner scans documents, photos, newspapers, magazines, receipts, and more, and saves them to a microSD card (included!). It’s perfect for travelling, or even simply keeping at home as an alternative to bulky scanners. Slide it into the drawstring pouch for instant protection, and easily transport it in a purse or briefcase. Because the scanner is battery powered (batteries included!), there’s no hassle of trying to take a charging cable everywhere. The device is capable of saving up to 200 scans per battery refresh, making it reliable anywhere you go. Bring it to the library and scan what you need.”

What cool items has your student incorporated into their daily use? Share them in the comments below.