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Halloween in College: Care Packages, Safety, and Fun!

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Someone who doesn’t have a college student might think that they are a bit old to be celebrating Halloween. But, even if they haven’t partaken in a few years back home, Halloween on campus is a big event. They are not going trick-or-treating (I hope) but they do celebrate. They’ll be parties and on-campus activities.

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Not a bad idea to give some subtle reminders about safety including the risks of alcohol and drugs. Even more common sense things like the dangers of crossing the street in an all black costume or with a mask that you can’t see well through are worth mentioning. When it comes to costume choice, a good rule of thumb should be that it not cause genuine fear or provoke anger in anyone who might see them walking down the street or on campus and one thing they definitely need to understand is that the use of realistic plastic/toy guns or weapons as part of their costume can lead to very bad situations – just don’t do it. Remind them to keep an eye on their drink (alcohol or not) from the time it’s poured until it’s completely consumed. Campus sponsored events are probably the safest…just sayin’….

Halloween also falls around the same time as midterms, so what better time to send a care package, Halloween style. Yes, you awesome Pinterest moms will make beautiful boxes that will put mine to shame but post freshman year I’ve learned I can send a very appreciated box for less money and requiring less time. Biggest bonus is not having to go to the post office at all!

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Building your Halloween care package, the easier and smarter way

So, if you’re a Pinterest failure like me, let me tell you how to get it done. Unless you live under a rock, you know that with your Amazon Prime membership you can ship things directly to your children in two days! Walmart now also offers FREE 2-Day Shipping and you don’t have to pay for a membership. And, guess what? Both of these sources will fill all your items into a box and ship it directly to your kid. So, the box won’t be decorated – do you think my kid cares? Like birthday presents, the card is something you read then toss aside to get to the good stuff. I’m going to make this so easy for you.

If your choice is Walmart, I’ll make it so you can point and click to build your Halloween care package. Has your student filled you in on the costume they’re looking for? Looking for candy or decorations? Here’s the one-click you need to find everything Walmart has to offer for Halloween: Boo! All you need for Halloween at Walmart!

If you prefer Amazon, it will be no harder. Click here: Boo! All you need for Halloween at Amazon. Just pick the items you want to send, put them in your cart, pay, and Amazon will do the rest.

Or you can look like you spent time on Pinterest with these

Want to make it look like you put in a great effort but don’t have the time? Click on any of the images that look good to you from Amazon and have it arrive in two days (these do sell out quickly so don’t wait). Happy Halloween y’all!