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Sorority Swag – Gifts for your favorite sorority girl!

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Moms and dads, congratulations, you’ve lived through rush week! I’m sure bid day gave you a big sigh of relief! What an accomplishment for your daughter. She went through a grueling, week-long, interview process and made it through successfully. Her first job interview will seem like a breeze now. I’m sure you want to celebrate your daughter’s new sisterhood, congratulate her on her bid, and soon-to-come, initiation day. Here are some suggestions from sorority girls of what they love to get. But don’t wait because ’tis the season where everyone else is shopping for sorority gifts and they do sell-out of popular items.

First, are Alex and Ani bracelets. These are one of the most popular gifts and the girls love them. They have all new style now too, the corded bracelet. All the Alex and Ani bracelets are adjustable for any wrist size and prices start at $19.99. They are sorority specific, so be sure to buy the right one – some of the sorority names are similar.

Maybe you prefer to get something a little different. Don’t worry, there’s no shortage of sorority jewelry options.

Sorority girls LOVE to wear their letters! T-shirts, tank-tops, sweatshirts….you name it, they make it. Prices vary per item but start at under $10.

You’ll see girls proudly representing their chapter all over campus with these great items. First, backpacks.

Water bottles starting at around $10.

Phone cases…getting tired yet?I LOVE these. It’s called a Koala Pouch.They attach to the back of a phone case for keeping credit cards, driver’s licenses, school id’s, etc. Many of these girls don’t want to carry purses when they go out anymore so it’s a great addition to their phone case. They’re priced at $6.99.

And, of course you have to advertise your letters on your rear windshield! These custom decals stick to car windows and remove easily. Starting at $6.95.

Soon you’ll be welcoming a new member to your family…your daughter’s big or little. You can’t leave her out. Greet her with these fun items starting at $3.99.

Another idea if you want to send a gift to your daughter’s little or big is a picture frame. They start at around $10. You can also make a cute one if you’re crafty. Pinterest has plenty of ideas. I know my daughter has a few that have pictures of her with her big and with her little!

As you can probably tell, there’s a ton of things you can choose from to send the newest member of your family. There’s a little something-something for everyone’s taste and price range.

Ebay also has lots of sorority swag but you need to be careful who you order from. Try to stick to those that have the top rated seller badge. The badge means they have very high rankings among their buyers, allow returns, and ship within one business day. Storefronts that make handmade items but don’t have the badge because their turn-around time is longer than one day are also good given their ratings are high. Here are some I found that fit this bill. Click on any of the links below:

The Greek Store

AP Greek Life

To Gild The Lily

Sports Accessory Store