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The Best Gifts to Send Your Homesick Student

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You just hung up the phone with your college student and you can hear it in their voice – they’re homesick. Sigh…your heart breaks. You send as many hugs as you can over the telephone but your heart hurts and you want to do more. These gifts are sure to bring a smile to your homesick baby.

Chatbooks These are my new favorites! These little books are so easy, fast and cheap to makeMake your first book in 30 seconds right from your phone! When it’s this easy–and only $8–(with free shipping) you can make photo books filled with pictures of your student’s favorite memories, family members, and pets. These are the photo books for people who don’t have the time to make photo books! Use photos straight from your Facebook, Instagram or phone. Get the app now! To get your first book free use the promo code: CBLOVE. I’ve actually made a lot of these and I love them. They make great gifts for anyone and are great keepsakes from vacations or other special events.

The following can be personalized with photos your student would love. We know they really miss us, but they also really miss their pets. What a great way to bring a smile to their face throughout the day as they look at these items.

This travel mug with bonus magnet is only $9.99. You cut your own picture(s) with the provided template and personalize it with a photo sure to warm your student’s heart. I made my daughter’s with pictures of her puppies. I thought a picture of me might be a bit weird.

This snow globe for $13.99 would be a cute addition to their desk. When they’re hard at work studying, looking over at this item will bring them a reminder of the people who love them.

Aren’t these cute? The four pack of custom pens is only$11.99! The PixPen® – The Pen That’s A Picture Frame! This high quality pen will display a 2.5” x 1.75” wallet size photo. Remember your pets and best friends from home or personalize it with your own design – maybe inspirational thoughts. Included with the pen is access to the online design site PersonalizeItYourself.com where you can create and print personalized inserts to display in the pen.


Another great way to bring the love for their pet to school with them. This is a great frame to add to their room.

The following ideas are meant to be words of encouragement and reminders of love. Great for decor with meaning without intrusion or embarrassment.

I love this plaque for my daughter. Always remember you are braver than you think, stronger than you seem, and more loved than you know. At only $8.72, this 4X6 wall plaque is not only pretty, but sends a positive message and reminder that your child is loved.

This mug is a great, positive reminder that you believe in your child and they should believe in themselves. Whether they use it to hold their pens and pencils or to enjoy their coffee each morning, they’ll think of you when they see it. It’s $16.45.

I love this token. Like the inspirational stone ideas below, it can also be hidden in a pocket to be found by your child. The front of token reads ‘you are loved’; back reads ‘inspire on.’ $7.27 from Amazon with free Prime shipping.

Never forget how special you areJust a little reminder to keep on their desk or bedside table. A quick reminder when they need just a bit of extra love from home to push them through a tough moment. Only $8.99 and made of bamboo.

A good friend gave me this idea and I loved it. Each stone has an inspirational message. When I was helping with her laundry on her visit home, I hid each stone in a jean or jacket pocket to surprise her with love when she least expected it. It was a great hit! I would get little texts from my daughter, “Thanks, mom” and I knew she had found one. When I went to visit her, I found them all in a dish on her nightstand.

Isn’t this awesome? It’s a keepsake inspirational quote box. Inside the keepsake box are 32 inspirational quotes. It can be kept on their desk to give them a daily dose inspiration when they need it most.

The company, Ganz, makes a variety of these items. Each is a little charm with a story card of love or encouragement. Others include a bumblebee, ladybug, dragonfly, elephant, frog, and many more. The one pictured is $6.04.

Just in case you’re worried they’ll forget…

Primitives by Kathy Box Sign, 3 by 3-Inch. Just $6.65.



What a nice addition to their bed. Love this pillow, “Never Forget You Are Loved.”

You Are Loved (Today and Always). What a great and colorful mug. Only $11.98.

I. Love. This. Idea! How cute! People are so much more clever than me, and crafty. It’s kind of pricey at $37.95 but if you don’t want to pay that, you can certainly make one. For me, I’ll buy. Mine would never come out as cute. The decorative jar is filled with notes that can be opened each day.

And, for those kids who just can’t remember to let you know they’re alive….

How’s this for a subtle reminder to call home. My daughter cracked up when she received this AND I got a phone call out of it. Available in other colors

 at $16.99.

Such a cute key chain and a daily reminder for contact. $12.96


Finally, the following are meant to have some fun bonding with roommates or dorm neighbors and blow off some steam! These items will give them a reason to come out of their room and meet others or socialize in a fun and relaxed way.

I’m sure walking back to their dorm with this cookie display from David’s Cookies will be sure to catch the attention of lots of new hungry dorm friends and make them super popular in the dorm. They even have gluten free products!

If you’ve played Cards Against Humanity you know how amazingly fun it is. A great way to get to know other people and the questions are perfect for college students. They’ll have a blast playing it! If you’ve never played it, you need to also! With almost 37,000 five-star ratings from Amazon, you know it’s good!

A 12 pack, 14 inch, bubble wand assortment for $16.95.

A 14 piece water gun assortment for $16.89.

An assortment of emoji, stress-relieving, squeeze balls for $11.95.


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