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Earn An Extra Income As a Blogger or Selling Online: A Step-By-Step Video

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Have you thought about supplementing your income by blogging or selling products online? Blogging is a great way to earn extra money and it’s also a great expressive outlet. The way you make money through blogging is with affiliate advertising. Basically, you provide links to specific companies or specific products and when people click on those links and buy something you’re paid a commission. You know when you’re on Facebook and you see an ad for that Amazon product you’ve been eyeing? If you click on that ad and buy the product, Facebook gets a commission. It’s that simple.

Do you sell awesome products but you’re limited to a small audience of friends, family, parties, and social media? Or do you make beautiful and unique crafts but are limited to local craft fairs to promote your work? If you had a website to showcase your goods you could sell anywhere to anyone!

I’ve created a series of free, yes free, videos that will teach you how to build a website from start to finish in a very easy to follow format. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can. I had no prior experience in anything related to technology or website building – my background is in education. The website you build can be used for blogging or e-commerce, meaning a site where you sell things.

I know, you’re skeptical. You’re thinking there’s a catch because no one does anything that doesn’t benefit themselves. Let me explain what’s in it for me; the more traffic I drive to my website, the more advertisers will pay me to promote their products and websites on my blog. So, while you don’t have to pay me anything before or after watching my videos or sell my videos to anyone else, my reward will come when I can show companies the traffic that is hitting my website. Make sense? This is not a get-rich-quick scheme because those don’t really exist. How much you earn will be based on how much time and effort you put in.

YES, you can earn an honest income blogging and selling online. Watch the videos to learn how. The videos have been designed for you to follow what I do, step-by-step, in real-time with the videos. Anyone can do it!

With some of the videos there are links to sites you will need during the process. The links can be found below those videos. Good luck!

Video II Click here for the link to Siteground before starting the video. It will open a new screen. Then come back to watch video part II

Click here for the link to Siteground

Video III

Video IV Click here for your link to The Rich Taste Theme before starting the video. Then come back and watch part IV

Click here for your link to The Rich Taste Theme. Use promo code: richmommy (This promo code has been extended to September 1st, 2017)

Video V

Video VI

Video VII